Skin Care

® Zn-Spray

Highly Safe Calming, Antiseptic and Healing Dermatological Solution, for Dogs, Cats, Exotic Animals and Horses.

• Calming action – Alleviates pruritus and discomfort.
• Stimulates healing of injured skin and restores its natural microenvironment.
• Proven antiseptic activity, particularly against Gram+.
• Promotes follicular regeneration.
• Restores the skin's barrier effect.
• Deodorising action.
• pH neutral – Non-irritating.
• Does not contain antibiotics or corticoids – Does not build resistance, produce dermal or systemic side effects.
• Dogs, cats, exotic animals and horses.
• Aqueous, colourless solution – Does not stain surfaces or fabrics in the home.
• Low dosage – Lower daily cost.
• Available exclusively through veterinarians.
CUTANIA® Zn-Spray: 59 ml and 118ml.
CUTANIA® Zn-Gel: 59 ml.