Adiva entero

Digestive System

ADIVA® Entero

Highly Palatable Antidiarrhoeal and Gastrointestinal Muco-protector for Cats and Dogs

• Antidiarrhoeal Effect - Excellent toxin, virus and bacteria adsorption power.
• Muco-protector Effect - Acts on the oesophagus, stomach and intestines.
• Ideal supplement for gastrointestinal diets.
• Highly palatable chews - Easy to administer even in anorexic animals.
• Available exclusively through veterinarians - Professional use.
• Presentation: ADIVA® Entero-7,5: 28 chews (14 days for a cat or dog of 7,5 kg). - ADIVA® Entero-15: 28 chews (14 days for a dog of 15 kg).