Feline Herpes Virus


Control of FHV-1 in the chronic phase of the disease in adult cats

• L-lysine supplement in the form of highly palatable soft chews for cats infected with herpes virus.
• Indicated for adult cats in the chronic phase of the disease.
• Each dose contains 500 mg of L-lysine – The recommended daily dose for an adult cat.
• Comes in the form of Soft Chews: soft, chewy, highly palatable nibbles developed to aid the daily dose.
• Pack containing 30 Soft Chews (30 days for an adult cat).

Important Note. VetNova are pioneers in the development of Soft Chew technology to make supplement administration easier with dogs and cats. Unlike tablets, capsules etc., which require "forced" administration into the mouth to ensure the product is taken, the Soft Chews should be administered freely in the bowl and the pet left to eat them as they wish. Some shy cats and dogs may take some time to fully accept them, however once they have done so, the single daily dose is easier and sufficient. The following techniques can be applied during the first week to ease initial acceptance: 1) Reduce and progressively increase the dose, 2) Share the daily dose over two doses (morning and night), 3) Crush the soft chew and mix it with malt (cats), pâté or any other food that the pet likes, etc.