Ear Care

® TrisEDTA

Antimicrobial, Antibiotic Enhancer, Alkalizing and Non-Irritating Otic Solution for Dogs and Cats

First choice treatment in bacterial otitis or as antibiotic enhancer.
• Broad spectrum antibacterial without the need for antibiotics (avoids development of resistance).
• Effective against the main bacterial ear pathogens: Pseudomonas and Proteus (Gram -) and Streptococcus and Staphylococcus (Gram +).
• Benzyl alcohol significantly increases the antimicrobial activity of EDTA / Tromethamine.
• Proven synergistic action of EDTA / Tromethamine with antibiotics.
• Alkaline pH 8 – Preserves the activity of antibiotics that are inactivated in acid environments (by exudates or acidifying cleaners).
• Improved cleaning action.
• Aqueous, pH 8, non-irritating formula –Treatment of choice in ulcerated or irritated ears.
• Non-ototoxic – Safe to use in case of perforated tympanic membrane.
• Effective and very safe – Ideal for prolonged treatments.
• No odour or perfume – High acceptance.
• Aqueous, colourless solution – Does not stain surfaces or fabrics in the home.
Presentation: 118 ml.