Ear Care

® Zn-Otic

Highly Safe Antipruritic, Antimicrobial, Drying and Healing Otic Solution for Dogs, Cats and Exotic Animals

Otic product of choice for the preventive maintenance of chronic otitis Malasezzia
• Calming action – Relieves pruritus and discomfort
• Stimulates healing of damaged mucous membrane and restores the ear's natural micro-environment
• Powerful drying action of the ear canal
• Helps eliminate bacteria that cause odour
• Very low incidence of post-application stinging
•Non-ototoxic – Safe to use in cases of perforated tympanic membrane
• Does not contain antibiotics or corticoids – Does not produce resistance or dermal or systemic side effects
• Dogs, cats, rabbit, ferrets and other exotic animals
• Does not interfere with allergy tests
• Aqueous, colourless solution – Does not stain surfaces or fabrics in the home
• Low dosage – Less daily cost
• Available exclusively through veterinarians
Presentation: 59 ml.