Ear Care

® GlycoZoo

Antimicrobial, Astringent, Cerumenolytic, Keratolytic, Lipolytic, Non-Irritating and Replenishing Otic Solution for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Treatment of choice for Malassezia otitis and otitis that occur with keratinization disorders like seborrhoea.
• Effective in the treatment and prevention of Malassezia otitis.
• Indicated for the treatment of otitis that presents with keratinization disorders such as seborrhoea, due to its lipolytic and keratolytic effect.
• Exfoliant action – Promotes renewal of epithelial cells of the ear canal.
• Contains ceramides, essential for regenerating the epithelium and maintaining its integrity, hydration and protective function.
• Eliminates dead cells giving the active ingredients better contact with the epithelium.
• Very low incidence of postapplication stinging.
• Powerful drying action of the ear canal.
• High cerumenolytic power.
• Does not contain antibiotics or corticoids – Does not build up resistance or cause dermic or systemic side effects.
• Effective and very safe – Ideal for prolonged treatments.
• Non ototoxic – Safe to use in cases of perforated tympanic membrane.
• Does not interfere with allergy tests.
• Aqueous, colourless solution – Does not stain surfaces or fabrics in the home.
• Dogs, Cats and Horses.
Presentation: 118 ml.