Health & Wellness

®Active Dog

Multi-Vitamin-Mineral Supplement with Amino Acids, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Digestive Enzymes Formulated into Highly Palatable Chews.

• Complete formula of 37 essential nutrients: Vitamins, Minerals, Omega-3 and Omega-6, Taurine, Cystine, Methionine and Digestive Enzymes.
• Contains macro and micronutrients that act synergistically for optimal functioning of the organism.
• Combats nutritional deficiencies associated with insufficient intake or increased body demands.
• Increases the appetite and activity of animals that are listless, apathetic or reluctant to eat.
• Nutritional support in stressed, sick or recuperating animals.
• Helps to strengthen the immune system, improving defences in situations of stress, convalescence…
• Recommended in animals with high nutritional needs.
• Prevents and combats excessive hair loss, other dermatological problems and some intestinal pathologies such as occur with poor digestion and weight loss.
• Recommended by veterinarians –Complete, balanced and effective.
• Highly palatable Chews – Facilitate daily intake.
• Suitable for all breeds and ages.
• Presentation: 45 Chews.