DIALIX Lespedeza


DIALIX® Lespedeza

Chronic kidney disease. Reduction of uraemia. Diuretic

• Highly palatable supplement indicated to reduce uraemia and increase diuresis in dogs and cats with chronic kidney disease.
• Properties:
- Lespedeza capitata contains flavonoids that produce renal vasodilation and stimulate the kidney parenchyma, increasing diuresis, and reducing urea in the blood, without upsetting the electrolyte balance.
- Trials on rats, rabbits, cats and dogs have demonstrated that Lespedeza capitata has an equally potent diuretic effect as theophylline and theobromine, but longer in duration.
- In cats and dogs with liver and kidney failure, Lespedeza capitata eliminated oliguria and albuminuria, and significantly reduced the urea concentration in the blood.
- Sub-acute (5X, 30 days) and chronic (5X, 90 days) toxicity tests did not show neither weight change, nor clinical, haematological or histopathological changes.
• Presentations:
Dialix® Lespedeza-15. 60 soft chews (30 days for a 15 kg dog).
Dialix® Lespedeza-5. 60 soft chews (30 days for a cat or small dog).