TM Jug

Electrolyte + Energy + Antacid + + Promoter Promoter Muscular Hematocrit in Oral Pasta

• Complete and high concentration of critical nutrients Contribution: electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and micro-energy.
• 5 to 1:
1. Electrolyte: prevention and management of dehydration.
2. Energy: contains sugars provide energy quickly.
3. Antacid: B vitamins help minimize the production of lactic acid, a trigger for early fatigue.
4. Muscle Promoter: 17 amino acids basis for the production of muscle protein.
5. Promoter Hematocrit: iron, copper, cobalt and B vitamins are promoters of the production of red blood cells, blood cells that carry oxygen to the muscles to burn energy.
• It can be given before or after exercise.
• Pasta quick absorption.
• 60 mL syringe (2 doses).

*Tested in the "Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques" of France. It does not contain any ingredient included in the list of prohibited FEI (Prohibited Substances List, www.feicleansport.org) substances. The list of banned substances is regularly updated by the FEI, is responsible horse owner to be aware of this list.