Leg Care

Mobility I

Highly Palatable, MSM and Vitamin C Synergistic Supplement, Formulated to Promote Optimal Health of the Locomotor System

• Natural, mild-action analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
• Reduces/eliminates the use of NSAIDs minimising their potential side effects.
• Reduces pain and inflammation in the locomotor system: joints, tendons and ligaments.
• Accelerates regeneration, improves elasticity of connective tissue and shortens post-injury recovery time.
• Helps prevent lesions.
• Helps to lengthen the athletic life of the horse.
• Improves mobility and overall condition.
• Very safe, ideal for long-term processes.
• Suitable for all ages and breeds.
• Highly palatable.
• Does not contain doping substances.
• Economic: Low cost/day.
• Available exclusively through veterinarians.
• Presentation: 930 g (31 doses).

Veterinary Exclusive