Flies, Mosquitoes…


Fly Screen mask for Horses

• Protect eyes horse flies, dust and airborne particles.
• It protects eyes and face from UV rays and helps healing of eye injury.
• The mesh does not obstruct vision.
• Adjusts well:
• 7 different sizes
• Natural shape the contour of the face.
• Longer earmuff.
• Long lasting: PVC mesh 1000 x 2000 high strength.
• Do not take it away:
• Double closure.
• Close beneath the jaw (not the chaps) makes it more difficult to reach the horses.
• Comfortable: edging set and insulates without friction.
• Modern and practical.
• Screened in copper and silver colors are best combined with the different layers of the horse.
• Presentations:
• SUPERMASK® II: X-Large (large), Horse (median), Arabian (small), Yearling (very small), Pony/Foal (mini), Miniature and Miniature A.
• SUPERMASK® II Earmuffs: X-Large, and Arabian Horse