Broad Action Supplement Formulated to Improve Lung Function and Performance in Sport Horses

• Helps maintain the integrity of alveolar capillaries, reducing the risk of pulmonary bleeding in sport horses - Improves respiratory
• 5X Action: diuretic, haemostatic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory and
• Does not contain
• Oral syringe for pre-competition -
• Oral powder for maintenance - Economical use.
• NEUMOX® Paste: 12 ml syringe (1 dose). Ideal for pre-competition use.
NEUMOX® Powder: 1 kg container (33 doses). Ideal for maintenance.

*Tested in the "Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques" of France. It does not contain any ingredient included in the list of prohibited FEI (Prohibited Substances List, substances. The list of banned substances is regularly updated by the FEI, is responsible horse owner to be aware of this list.

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